Planning for exit

You have built and run your business but now is the time where you are thinking of taking a step back or maybe even looking to plan for selling it.

If you are like most businesses, then at the moment you and any fellow owners/directors are probably crucial to the running of the business.

You need to work out how to get the business into a position where you are no longer needed 24/7 and you have a business that is efficient and that somebody can easily take over.

If a buyer looks at your business and it is disorganised or poorly run, they may reduce the offer as they perceive that there is a lot of work to do to make it right.

We have a proven framework

Using the proven OPUS framework, we work through your business to help you identify how to put the right structures in place to
allow your team to step up and remove you from the day to day running.

Taking all of the knowledge you have and getting it down onto paper and then analysing the best way forward is crucial to allow others to step in and take the pressure from you.


How can we support you?

Digital courses

Coming soon!

Online business coaching

A blend of one to one and group coaching to get your business growing.

Operational consultancy

Using the OPUS framework to assess and then make changes to get your business efficient, structured and ready for growth.

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