Growth By Acquisition

Are you thinking of, or have you bought a business? Are you struggling to bring all the elements together and maximise your investment? If you are, we can help.

How can you get the best return on your investment?

If you are taking the clients and adding them to your current business, can it cope with the increase in volume without affecting your customer service?
If you are going to bring the two businesses together, which processes and systems are the right ones to take forward?
If you are going to leave an existing management team in place, how can you ensure that the business moves in the way you want it to?
We work with you to put the right strategy in place to maximise the investment you have made.

We have a proven framework

Using the proven OPUS framework, we can help you.


How can we support you?

Digital courses

Coming soon!

Online business coaching

A blend of one to one and group coaching to get your business growing.

Operational consultancy

Using the OPUS framework to assess and then make changes to get your business efficient, structured and ready for growth.

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